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At Complete Corporate Services we have the ability to undertake surveillance of almost any target.

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Complete Corporate Services and assisting with surveillance services

Do you need to know any of the following:

  • The activities of a litigant?
  • Whether a represented injury is legitimate?
  • Whether your staff or business partners are attending to designated activities?
  • Your spouse's activities?
  • Whether any particular claim or representation is accurate?
  • The accurate level of your business activity?

Unfortunately, most problems lead back to the same question: Would this have happened, if I had conducted proper investigations?

Surveillance is an investigative process that involves the close observation of a situation, person or object. The goal of surveillance investigations is usually to gather particular information of interest to the client. Other reasons to perform surveillance investigations include to collect evidence of a crime, prevent a crime from being committed, collect evidence of wrongful action, to document activities of a target and to gather information that may be for use in an interrogation procedure.

Good quality surveillance can quickly provide you with an accurate picture and allow you to deal with the problem confidentially. CCS employs a variety of different surveillance and investigative techniques; aside from conventional methods, CCS uses methods including surveillance cameras, computer and telephone surveillance, social network analysis, aerial surveillance, data mining and profiling. When monitoring a target CCS ensures we use high-quality and full definition recording equipment, advanced surveillance techniques and properly disguised vehicles and personnel.

What is surveillance?

Surveillance is the act of closely observing or monitoring the actions of a person or group, typically using electronic equipment or other means. The purpose of surveillance is often to gather information or to protect people or property. There are many different types of surveillance technologies that can be used to monitor a wide range of activities, such as phone calls, emails, social media activity, and physical movements. Some common examples of things that can be involved in surveillance include:

  • Cameras: Video cameras can be used to monitor public spaces, buildings, and other areas, and they may be hidden or visible
  • Microphones: Audio recording devices can be used to capture conversations and other sounds
  • Tracking devices: GPS tracking devices or other types of tracking technology can be used to monitor the movements of a person or vehicle
  • Computers and other electronic devices: Software and other technologies can be used to monitor the use of computers, phones, and other electronic devices
  • Human observation: People can also be used to observe and report on the activities of others

An example of surveillance conducted by a private investigator

A private investigator is hired by a client to gather evidence that the client's spouse is cheating. The private investigator begins by researching the spouse's movements and activities, and then develops a plan to conduct surveillance. The private investigator sets up cameras and microphones at the spouse's office and at the couple's home, and also installs tracking devices on the spouse's car. The private investigator also hires additional investigators to follow the spouse and observe their activities when the private investigator is not able to be present. Over the course of several weeks, the private investigator gathers a large amount of video and audio evidence of the spouse's infidelity. The private investigator then presents this evidence to the client, who uses it to file for divorce.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for surveillance investigations

At Complete Corporate Services we have the ability to undertake surveillance of almost any target. Our operatives are highly experienced and understand the consequences of being "blown" by the target - consequences which could have a detrimental effect upon the investigation.

All surveillance is undertaken carefully and professionally, and without giving the game away, using fixed or covert methodology, and a wide range of technical services. Furthermore, we understand that surveillance can be costly and unrewarding in some cases. We will do all in our power to limit your costs and provide you with a result. We won't take on matters where there is no hope of a result. We also understand that as the client, you will have the greatest understanding of the matter and as such we value working closely with you and undertaking a thorough initial analysis of the problem.

We undertake extensive assessment and intelligence gathering with you prior to commencement. In some case we will covertly engage with the target to establish worthwhile information that will assist in positioning our surveillance and achieving the best possible result. From this assessment we will work with you to determine what can be achieved within your budget.

Throughout our surveillance investigations, we provide regular reports and updates to our client. This means that you are kept in the loop with progress and any developments as well as changes in strategy, which might develop as a result of what is uncovered during the surveillance investigations. Over the years we have saved our clients millions of dollars by providing the real picture to them and preventing a disaster.

We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures with respect to conducting surveillance investigations matters and have a history of working with law firms to perform investigations that identify parties and the true state of matters. We are familiar with the legal requirements of performing surveillance, investigations, effecting service of documents, providing affidavits and giving evidence at court.

Whatever your matter, CCS understands that each matter is unique and provides a tailored service to match the client's needs. We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.


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