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As an Insolvency practitioner are your “clients” giving you the run around? Not disclosing everything? Acting guarded? Not cooperating? Have they really told you everything, or do you really need a closer look at them?

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Complete Corporate Services and assisting with insolvency investigations

When dealing with clients who claim to be insolvent, there's always the possibility that they aren't disclosing everything when it comes to their financial affairs. For this reason, we here at CCS offer insolvency investigation services.

What is an insolvency investigation?

An insolvency investigation is a legal process in which a financial expert, known as an insolvency investigator, examines the financial affairs of an individual or business that is unable to pay its debts. The investigation is conducted to determine the causes of the financial difficulties and to identify any potential wrongdoing or mismanagement. The investigator will review financial records, interview individuals with knowledge of the financial affairs of the individual or business, and report on their findings to a court or other relevant authority. The purpose of the investigation is to help determine the best course of action for addressing the insolvency and to ensure that the assets of the individual or business are distributed fairly to creditors.

Why would you need insolvency investigation services?

Liquidations or bankruptcy can often be very complex and require an intricate assessment of a variety of factors. When insolvency issues are claimed it is important that you gain the full and accurate picture of things as insolvency may impact your ability to engage in commercial litigation or collect debts from the company.

CCS provides litigation support to individuals and business directly, and we also assist legal practitioners working on commercial matters. Due to the complex nature of commercial transactions and disputes, and the vast number of speciality areas, it can be useful and cost-effective to engage CCS to conduct due diligence, help implement risk management practices and assist with uncovering evidence required for needed to support your position. The solvency of a company can influence litigious matters and is often a matter relating to commercial disputes, including when creditors seek to recover a debt from the company.

When facing a commercial dispute you need people on your team who are skilled in commercial matters, understand legal processes, have experience working with legal practitioners and meeting their needs, and can meet strict deadlines. CCS has a proven record of success in providing a variety of commercial litigation services.

CCS has experience in working with Liquidators and legal practitioners to succeed in their insolvency investigations and commercial litigation. In matters where it is alleged that there are issues with claims of insolvency, CCS is able to conduct surveillance and other forms of due diligence to uncover evidence vital to supporting your allegations.

Commercial matters are often met with strict timeframes in the Federal, State and Territory Courts. Time may be of the essence to locate a person of interest or identify evidence for filing. CCS has proven results with locating and serving persons efficiently, and we are familiar with Court process and legal requirements of service.

We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures with respect to insolvency investigations matters and have a history of working with law firms to perform investigations that identify parties and the true state of matters.

Whatever your matter, CCS understands that each matter is unique and provides a tailored service to match the client's needs. We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for insolvency investigations

Information is power, and we provide Insolvency Practitioners with the power they need by:

  • Quickly locating persons of interest;
  • Serving Process;
  • Undertaking Surveillance to confirm the accuracy of information;
  • Covertly engaging with targets, through pretexts, to confirm the accuracy of information;
  • Undertaking general factual investigations, including the identification and location of assets;
  • Assisting with the execution & securing of legal processes; and
  • Undertaking Fraud Investigations & Brief Preparation, including liaison with Law Enforcement & Legal Professionals.

In a memorable case, our client, who is an insolvency practitioner, engaged us to locate a missing bankrupt. Using investigative techniques we located and identified the target within 24 hours. We were then engaged to undertake a period of surveillance on the target. This surveillance proved that the target appeared to be running his own business, which had not been disclosed to our client, his trustee.

We engaged with the target and did business with him, recording the transactions and lengthy discussions regarding his business. All such evidence obtained was in contrast to representations made to our client. As a result, our client was confidentially able to take affirmative action, including the sale of the business and recovery of a large amount of funds for creditors.


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