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At Complete Corporate Services we have the ability to investigate and undertake surveillance of a spouse you suspect of cheating.

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Complete Corporate Services assisting with investigating cheating spouses

Complete Corporate Services (CCS) is a group of professional experienced surveillance and intelligence experts operating throughout Australia. CCS is government licenced and we are leaders in providing you with accurate intelligence regarding your spouse.

Are you concerned about the activities of your spouse? Is he or she being secretive, acting strangely, continually engaged in unwarranted telephone or online communication, or generally missing or away for long hours? There are a range of other signs, that only you identify when you are in a relationship with somebody who is cheating on you.

  • Are you considering a relationship with somebody, but you want to be sure first?
  • Is your partner going away and requires checking?
  • Do you work away, and do you need your spouse monitored?

For a whole range of reasons, people use CCS to provide them with accurate intelligence. Intelligence that is affordable, corroborated and can be relied upon. We approach these types of situation with understanding and a non-judgmental stance. We understand that you have a need to feel secure in your own situation and we are here to provide you with support.

What is an infidelity or cheating spouse investigation?

An infidelity investigation is a type of investigation that is conducted to determine whether a person is being unfaithful in a romantic relationship. In some cases, individuals may choose to hire a professional to assist with this type of investigation.

During the investigation, the professional will use various tactics and techniques to gather evidence and determine the truth. This may include surveillance, tracking the movements of the subject, collecting and analyzing electronic communication records, and speaking with witnesses.

The evidence collected during the investigation can be used by the individual to make decisions about their relationship. It is important to note that professionals who conduct infidelity investigations are bound by confidentiality laws and will not disclose any information about their clients or the investigation without the client's permission.

While hiring a professional to assist with an infidelity investigation can be costly, it can also provide much-needed peace of mind and clarity for individuals who suspect their partner of being unfaithful. It can also help to protect the client's legal rights and interests, as well as those of any children involved.

How CCS work with your cheating spouse and infidelity investigation

CCS understands that matters involving suspicions of spousal cheating can be emotional and stressful. When you initially approach us with your concerns, we will perform an assessment of your enquiry obligation free. As intelligence expert, we analyse, assess, evaluate and form inferences. We substantially debrief clients first in order to gather all available evidence.

The client is often the person with the greatest insight into the spouse's activities and habits. That's why we spend time talking with our clients rather than gaining some brief initial information and then conducting investigations; this will only blow out costs and may not be the fastest source of the information. You are a large source of information and we will work with you, which helps to ensure information is accurate, strategy is developed in a timely manner and costs are contained.

We provide our clients with a quote prior to engagement. We ensure that you as our client agree to the strategy and operational approach and the fees for this before commencing. All operations are thoroughly planned for and experienced staff conduct the activity to ensure enhanced results.

All of the activity we perform is documented and/or digitally recorded. This includes documenting:

  • The operational strategy and aims;
  • Activity of the target, including physically and online (if appropriate);
  • Activity of the target and any associates.

CCS provides clients with advice regularly as work is being undertaken. We consider it essential to provide our clients with regular updates, particularly when the situation is emotional or delicate and where circumstances may vary costs. For example if the target made moves outside of the parameters of the operational strategy, we would provide you with an immediate update and gain further instructions. We provide reports, including evidence, and these are delivered to clients in a manner that is suitable to their individual situation. Importantly, CCS can encrypt data and provide this securely to avoid a target becoming suspicious.

We are also frequently engaged by legal professionals to locate important witnesses and serve documents for family court proceedings and domestic violence matters.

Talk to us about the specifics of your situation. Over the years we have undertaken many investigations into suspicions of cheating and family matters with outstanding success. We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures and disputes, and have a history of working with law firms to perform investigations that assist in achieving the client's desired outcome.

Whatever your matter, CCS understands that each matter is unique and provides a tailored service to match the client's needs. We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.


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Complete Corporate Services (CCS) is an Australian-based company which specialises in a range of business support services.

CCS is directed and managed by Scott Sattler, who has over a decade of Risk Management, Investigation, and other business related experience. With over three (3) decades of other experience, our management team has more years of experience than any other known competitor.