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If you or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence, and you require assistance with investigations or an exit strategy, then speak to Complete Corporate Services today.

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Complete Corporate Services provide a range of services to assist domestic violence victims.

Domestic violence is a real problem in our community and combating this problem has seen joint efforts from Governments, Law Enforcement and Community Welfare Groups. There have been a number of news segments in 2021 that have highlighted disastrous outcomes of domestic violence; devastatingly we have seen victims murdered here in Australia and in each instance that was reported on the news, there was a prior history of domestic abuse that police were aware of. The greater tragedy is that the majority of of domestic violence cases don't make the headlines or draw any attention for those who can help. The current system is failing victims and leaving them exposed to risk.

Despite the resources afforded to government and law enforcement, domestic violence continues to be a growing problem with serious consequences. Whilst we always encourage the use of law enforcement (particularly when in immediate danger), you may need and benefit from the help of our team at Complete Corporate Services. We are a group you can talk to about your concerns, and we are able to provide advice and tactics to help you with investigations, protection of your home, children and property or a safe exit strategy.

Scott and his team at Complete Corporate Services (CCS) are the missing link amongst a large range of support service providers for Domestic Violence Victims. Throughout his many years' involvement in Rugby League, Scott Sattler always had a strong desire to protect the game, its clubs, and players. Since retiring from professional sport, and in fulfilling the same vision outside of Rugby League, he plays a passionate key role in protecting Domestic Violence Victims.

We're not about ending relationships… we're about ending the violence.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that involves the abuse of one person by another in a domestic setting, such as in a marriage or cohabitation. It can take many forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse. Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, and both men and women can be victims or perpetrators.

Some common types of domestic violence include:

  • Physical abuse: This can include hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, or using any other type of physical force against another person.
  • Sexual abuse: This can include any unwanted sexual activity, such as rape or sexual assault. It can also include coercion or manipulation to force someone to engage in sexual activity against their will.
  • Emotional abuse: This can include manipulation, isolation, or any other behavior that aims to control or diminish another person's sense of self-worth.
  • Psychological abuse: This can include manipulation, gaslighting, or other tactics that aim to distort a person's sense of reality or undermine their mental health.

It is important to recognize that domestic violence is never the victim's fault, and that help is available for those who are experiencing abuse.

How can a private investigator in general help victims of domestic violence?

Private investigators can help victims of domestic violence in a number of ways. Some common tasks that private investigators may perform in a domestic violence investigation include:

  • Conducting surveillance: Private investigators can gather evidence of abuse by conducting surveillance on the perpetrator, either in person or through the use of technology such as GPS tracking or hidden cameras.
  • Gathering witness statements: Private investigators can interview witnesses, such as neighbors or coworkers, who may have information about the abuse.
  • Obtaining records: Private investigators may be able to obtain records such as phone records, medical records, or financial records that can provide evidence of abuse.
  • Assisting with restraining orders: Private investigators can provide support and assistance to victims seeking restraining orders, including gathering evidence and helping to prepare for court hearings.

Victims of domestic violence may choose to hire a private investigator for a number of reasons. They may want to gather evidence to support their case in court, or they may want to obtain information that can help them make informed decisions about their safety and well-being. Private investigators can also provide a sense of security and peace of mind, as they can help victims to feel more protected and empowered.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for domestic violence investigations

In many cases, there is a gap between what police services and community organisations are equipped or have resources to do. Many victims are highly concerned about protecting themselves from the offender. Are they watching? Will they come back to the house? Will they return the kids back? What will happen next? Am I going to survive this situation?

All of this conduct, including ongoing harassment, threats and stalking, can lead to severe consequences if left unmanaged. The entire situation is highly stressful to the victim involved. Being in a domestic violence situation can leave you feeling as though there is cloud over your head and no way out. The fact is – there is a way out, or if exiting the relationship isn't the strategy, there are strategies that can be put in place to protect yourself. Your safety is vital and is our number one priority.

CCS understands the stressful nature of domestic violence situations and the need to ensure your confidentiality and identity are protected. We pride ourselves on our commitment to protecting victims of domestic violence and have proven success in helping victims exit safely from their situation. CCS also has a number of support services we are able to refer you to, no matter your location within Australia.

Through provision of our services and involvement of multi-disciplinary support for victims, we aim to fill the gap or requirement, protect victim safety, and overcome the problem. Often our various monitoring services provide great comfort to victims, particularly as we provide regular updates and support.

  • Assess current and ongoing risk
  • Assist with the extraction of victims
  • Overcome barriers to exit
  • Plan and provide safe strategy
  • Assist with locating a safe environment for exit to
  • Provide referrals to local support services
  • Enforce orders
  • Manage and minimise ongoing risks

As Investigative specialists we gather supporting evidence relating to problems such as:

  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Abducted Children
  • Child abuse
  • Threatening conduct
  • Breach of Court Orders
  • Harassment, including online and via telecommunication.

We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures with respect to domestic violence, custody and other relevant family matters, and have a history of working with law firms in these areas.

Whatever your situation, CCS understands that each matter is unique and will provide you with a tailored service to match your needs. We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.


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