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To protect yourself from future loss or damage, you need the assurance about the bona fides of a new business partner, employee, enterprise or property.

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Complete Corporate Services and assisting with due diligence issues

In strong economic environments, a shortage of labour a lack of available time and available cash, people do all sorts of things without doing their homework. They act too fast and this is where their problems start and can be traced back to.

Do you confidentially know:

  • Who you are going into business with?
  • Whether the business you are buying stacks up?
  • Whether the person you are investing your funds with is credible?
  • Whether representations made are honest and accurate?
  • Whether property you are securing is free and un-encumbered?
  • Whether all issues relating to your transaction have been verified?
  • Whether your new business partner is really who he or she represents?
  • Whether the person you are about to employ is as good as he or she represents?
  • Whether assets you are considering acquiring are valued correctly?
  • Whether the person you are attracted to and is about to move into your home has a credible past?

Unfortunately, most disasters lead back to the same question. Would this have happened if I had conducted proper due diligence? Good quality due diligence can save you or your clients a lot of money and a lot of long term pain.

What is due diligence?

Due diligence is the process of thoroughly evaluating a potential investment or product to confirm all relevant facts and information. This process typically involves reviewing financial records, contracts, and other relevant documents to assess the potential risks and benefits of the investment. The goal of due diligence is to help an individual or organization make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the investment or product.

There are several types of due diligence, including financial due diligence, which involves reviewing a company's financial records and performance; legal due diligence, which involves reviewing contracts and legal documents; and operational due diligence, which involves evaluating the company's operations and management.

Due diligence is often used in the context of mergers and acquisitions, where it is critical to assess the value of a company and any potential risks or liabilities before making a decision to purchase it. It can also be used in other contexts, such as when an individual is considering investing in a new business or when a company is evaluating a new product line.

Overall, due diligence is an important process that helps individuals and organizations make informed decisions and avoid potential risks.

Why would an individual or business require a private investigator for due diligence?

There are a number of reasons why an individual or business might hire a private investigator to assist with due diligence. Some examples include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions: Private investigators may be hired to conduct due diligence on a company that is being considered for acquisition. This can help identify any potential risks or liabilities that might affect the value of the company.
  • Investment decisions: Individuals or businesses may hire a private investigator to help them make informed decisions about investments, such as real estate or stocks.
  • Employment screenings: A company may hire a private investigator to conduct due diligence on a job candidate, including verifying their education and employment history.
  • Background checks: Private investigators may be hired to conduct due diligence on an individual or business for the purpose of conducting a background check.
  • Fraud investigation: If an individual or business suspects fraud or other financial wrongdoing, they may hire a private investigator to conduct due diligence and gather evidence to support their allegations

Overall, private investigators can be useful in a variety of due diligence situations, as they have the skills and resources to conduct thorough investigations and gather important information.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for due diligence needs

At Complete Corporate Services we have the ability, and have built a strong reputation for undertaking extensive searches and investigations relating to any target, or any representation, and providing our clients with accurate Intelligence.

Information is Power! Our sources and contacts are extensive and are powerful resources when, ‘you need to know'. We have the ability to also undertake the leg work, ask the questions and interview persons who may verify the issues, and report to you in detail. Furthermore, our Unique Selling Point (USP), is that we have the ability to engage with the target covertly, or use other covert methodology to find out the truth. Over the years we have saved our clients millions of dollars by providing the real picture to them and preventing a disaster.

With our specialist expertise we often provide accurate intelligence for the following purposes:

Business Acquisition – Investment – Partnerships – Finance

Ensuring a business ‘stacks up', and is what you are paying for, is a big job. You must do your homework. This is your opportunity to avoid a world of problems.

In the aftermath of a business sale, common complaints include:

  • The business does not turn over or derive the profit that was represented
  • The previous owner ‘was' the business and when he left, the business left with him
  • The previous owner has taken all of the clients and is operating in opposition
  • Key management and staff left upon settlement
  • The business entity is being sued or is exposed to some other liability or undisclosed payments
  • Title of the business did not cover certain plant and equipment or intellectual property
  • Plant and equipment does not work
  • Employee Liabilities were not disclosed
  • Tax Liabilities were not disclosed
  • Government licensing or other requirements have not been complied with
  • Intellectual Property represented, was not secured
  • The industry has changed and the business is now obsolete
  • General representations made on a variety of subjects found to be incorrect

Unfortunately the old adage, ‘Possession is nine tenths of the law' is so true. Once a settlement has been effected it is hard and costly to seek remedy. Although there are many pitfalls in buying a business, there are steps you can take to minimise the risk of buying or investing into a "lemon."


Letting someone that you do not know into your business is a very serious step. Do you really know what you are getting? On average, 74% of Resumes are overstated. Have you ever received a Resume or interviewed an applicant that disclosed to the following information about themselves:

  • A previous term of imprisonment for Fraud or Theft
  • Misconduct with a previous employer
  • Failure to perform, meet KPI or fit in with the team
  • The payment of secret commissions or other corrupt conduct
  • Workplace claims made against an employer
  • Pre-existing physical or psychological injury
  • A serious drug habit
  • Their practice to visit mistresses and play golf during work hours

Interestingly, this type of intelligence is very rarely revealed into a job interview by applicant's, who expect that you will take them on face value. With a rise in Government Regulation and Enforcement, Litigation Claims and internal theft of Intellectual Property and funds, employing people is a serious step. Can you afford to take any chances? Talk to us about our programs which satisfy the need to provide information about the appointment of juniors, consultants and managers to CEO's.

Market Intelligence

A good way to protect your investment is to consistently and accurately know what the market is doing. Is the demand for your type of services or products changing? Are upgrades in technology creating opportunity? Is Government regulation or enforcement requiring a change to the way you are doing business? Is a business that you are considering acquiring about to be prosecuted? Are your suppliers about to be wiped out, or change the way they do business with you? What are your competitors doing? Who are their clients, and how can you win them over? What opportunities exist in the marketplace for you to leverage off? Contact us to undertake services for you. We combine expert research and data analysis, with human source enquiry, and covert operations, to give you an accurate picture.

Compliance and Risk Management

In the aftermath of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, most post mortem reports concluded that a failure of Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk Management, heavily contributed to business collapses. Today Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk Management are a central strategy in most successful businesses. AS NZS ISO 31000-2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines outlines the Due Diligence steps in the process, which commence with:

  • Identification of Risk
  • Analysis of Risk
  • Evaluation of Risk

With over 37 years expertise in Risk Management our qualified personal are experts in undertaking this process for you. Our Due Diligence process provides you with accurate intelligence, that you can rely upon to design and implement Treatment and Audit processes.

Witness Background

With an increase in Government Regulatory Enforcement and Litigation many business owners become the subject of allegations that require defending. Proposed evidence by witnesses requires to be examined, tested, authenticated, and or alternatively disproved. Witness credibility also requires investigation. Our work puts our clients in the best position to defend matters, through our thorough processes of evaluation and evidence gathering.

Private Needs & Association

If you need to know who you are getting involved with, in any type of relationship, contact us. Make sure you do not let anybody into your life that may cause you problems, or cost you a lot of money, opportunity or credibility.



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