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If you discreetly need to learn more about the behaviour of a current or former business associate, staff member, or family member, then you require a covert operation.

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What is a covert operation?

A covert operation is a type of investigation in which the true purpose and nature of the investigation is kept secret from all parties except for the people directly involved in the investigation. Covert operations are often used in private investigations to gather information or evidence in a way that is not detectable by the subject of the investigation. This can be important in cases where the subject of the investigation is likely to take steps to avoid being detected or to destroy evidence.

Covert operations can involve the use of undercover agents, surveillance, and other tactics to gather information without being detected. A covert operation often refers to an operation that is planned and executed in a manner that promotes plausible deniability and/or concealment of the sponsor of the covert operation. This means that when CCS carries out a covert operation, our priority is to protect your identity, privacy and confidence

Due to the highly delicate nature of covert operations and the vital need to protect your identity and remain unnoticed by the target, you need an experienced licenced private investigator to carry this out.

Why would I need a covert operation?

There are many different legitimate reasons for needing a covert operation. In commercial situations where a person suspects their business partner may be concealing important information or dealing with finances inappropriately, covert operations can help identify and uncover such activity.

Covert Operations are often useful methodology where there are concerns regarding breaches of restraint of trade, breaches of confidentiality, ongoing loss and or suspicion of defamation.

Covert operations are also common amongst family and divorce situations, such as when a person wants to know if their partner is hiding assets, earning capacity, placing children at risk or having an affair.

Covert operations can also be effectively used for scenarios that involve a claim of injury or workers compensation where the employer wants to confirm if the claims are accurate. CCS has been involved in a number of cases that exposed workers who had put in claims for injury but were demonstrated to be highly active in contrast to the injury they claimed.

Some of the factors you may wish to know which covert operations can uncover include:

  • The activities of a litigant;
  • Whether a represented injury is legitimate;
  • Whether your staff or business partners are attending to designated activities;
  • Your spouse's activities;
  • Whether a represented claim in divorce proceedings is accurate;
  • Whether any particular claim or representation is accurate;
  • The accurate level of your business activity;
  • Whether someone has your Intellectual Property;
  • Whether a former staff member is breaching a restraint of trade or engaging with past clients against their contractual obligations;
  • Whether someone is breaking the law and
  • Whether a person's credibility claims are accurate.

Some points to consider when hiring a private investigator for your covert operations.

There are several benefits to hiring a private investigator to conduct a covert operation on your behalf. One benefit is that private investigators have the training, experience, and resources to conduct investigations in a professional and effective manner. They are also often able to gather information and evidence that may be difficult for an individual to obtain on their own. Additionally, private investigators are able to operate covertly and discretely, which can be important in cases where the subject of the investigation is likely to take steps to avoid being detected or to destroy evidence.

Hiring a private investigator can also save time and effort, as the investigator can handle the investigation while you focus on other matters. Overall, the use of a private investigator can be a valuable resource in situations where it is necessary to gather information or evidence in a confidential and professional manner.

A real world example of a covert operation being conducted by a private investigator on behalf of a client

A client came to a private investigator with a suspicion that their spouse was cheating on them. The client was heartbroken and wanted to know the truth, so they hired the investigator to conduct a covert operation to gather evidence of infidelity.

The investigator accepted the case and set to work, following the suspect and using various covert techniques to observe their activities. They used long-range cameras and other specialized equipment to record the suspect's actions, and even went undercover in order to gather more information.

The investigator was careful to remain undetected throughout the operation, as they knew that any mistakes could compromise the investigation and put the client at risk. They worked diligently and were eventually able to gather enough evidence to confirm the client's suspicions.

The investigator presented their findings to the client in a clear and concise manner, and even provided admissible evidence that could be used in court if necessary. The client was grateful for the investigator's hard work and was relieved to finally have the truth. And so, the covert operation was a success, and the investigator was able to help the client find the closure they needed.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for covert operations

Unfortunately, most problems lead back to the same question: Would this have happened if I had conducted proper investigations?

Investigations, and in particular surveillance, can be costly and take time, partly due to the unknown course of the operation which is largely reliant on how the target behaves and the information being sought or the purpose for the covert operation. The covert operation may also not provide you with the result that you are after.

Our philosophy at CCS is that accurate results can be obtained quickly, and costs for the client minimised through direct engagement with the target in a covert capacity. We have the best covert operations capacity in the business.

Target development is the key to our success. In most cases the client is the best investigator and has a high level of understanding of the problem. At CCS we pride ourselves on our level of client engagement; we won't just take quick instructions and then leave you hanging, wondering how the operation is going. We take the time, work with you and ascertain from you all available intelligence. Importantly, we provide regular updates throughout the course of the operation and work with you within your budget constraints.

Unlike some other businesses, CCS encourages clients to provide us with updated information to help reduce the time taken to facilitate the operation – as we put it, the client is the best investigator and often has the greatest understanding of the situation and possibly the target.

After target development we prepare an authentic pretext with you: a pretext that will work in fulfilling our objectives to engage with the target. Once our pretext development is finalised and agreed upon with you, we will develop the pretext and engage with the target. Careful consideration is taken to accurately record all engagement and evidence is carefully collated and documented for later production in Court, if necessary.

Throughout our engagement we will have discussions with the target which are designed to specifically extract information relevant to the enquiry.

We also have the ability to instigate many forms of covert electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering techniques, whether visual, telephone or I.T. systems networks.

Talk to us about the specifics of your situation. Over the years we have undertaken many covert operations with outstanding success, creating great court results. We are regarded in the industry as the leaders in this area of investigation, as we have nearly four (4) decades of experience.

We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures with respect to covert operations and surveillance, and have a history of working with law firms to perform investigations that assist in achieving the client's desired outcome.

Whatever your matter, CCS understands that each matter is unique and provides a tailored service to match the client's needs. We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.


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