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Complete Corporate Services and assisting with fraud investigations

Fraud comes in many forms, and therefore if some of the following signals exist, it may be time to have CCS conduct a fraud investigation on your behalf:

  • Illogical excuses and reasons for unusual events or actions;
  • Senior staff involved in "junior" work, such as purchasing, ordering and receiving;
  • Excessive staff turnover;
  • Staff not taking leave;
  • Potential or actual conflicts of interest not declared;
  • Excessive number of duties residing with one person;.
  • Undue secrecy, or excluding people from available information;
  • Staff who treat controls and standard practice as challenges to be overcome or defied;
  • Failure to conduct reference checks of staff prior to employment.;
  • Unauthorised changes to systems or work practices;
  • Missing documentation relating to client or business financial transactions;
  • "blind approval", where the signatory does not sight supporting documentation;
  • Duplicates or copies only of invoices;
  • Alterations of documents such as day books, log books and timesheets;
  • Failure to have suppliers tender;
  • Failure to implement a procurement process, authenticate creditors invoices and formally approve; · No segregation of duties;
  • No results relating to investments;

What is a fraud investigation?

A fraud investigation can also be conducted by private investigators, who are hired by individuals or organizations to investigate suspected fraudulent activity. Private investigators may be hired to investigate a wide range of fraud-related issues, including insurance fraud, financial fraud, and identity theft. In a fraud investigation, private investigators may be responsible for gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing financial records in order to determine the facts of the case and identify any wrongdoing. The goal of a fraud investigation conducted by a private investigator is often to help clients protect their assets and interests, and to hold those responsible for fraudulent activity accountable for their actions.

What are some examples of fraud investigations conducted by a private investigator?

Company suspects employee is embezzling funds:

One real-world example of a fraud investigation conducted by a private investigator might be a company that suspects one of its employees is embezzling funds. The company could hire a private investigator to gather evidence to support their suspicions, such as by reviewing the employee's financial records, analyzing the company's financial records, and speaking with witnesses who may have knowledge of the embezzlement. Based on the evidence gathered during the investigation, the private investigator would be able to provide a report detailing their findings and potentially helping the company to take legal action against the employee.

Individual invests in a crypto-firm that doesn't give a return:

An individual invests a large sum of money in a cryptocurrency investment opportunity that is presented as a safe and legitimate way to earn a high return on their investment. However, after several months, the individual begins to suspect that the investment may be a fraud. They decide to hire a private investigator to look into the matter further.

The private investigator begins by reviewing the company's financial records and speaking with individuals who have knowledge of the investment opportunity. They also conduct online research and analysis to determine if the investment is legitimate or if it is a scam. If the private investigator finds evidence that the investment is a fraud, they will provide a report detailing their findings to the individual, who can then use this information to take legal action against the company or to try to recover their investment.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for fraud investigations

The above fraud signals represent about 10% of the types of fraud Complete Corporate Services is experienced in investigating. We have nearly 40 years experience investigating and prosecuting Fraud offences. This includes Breaches of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, False, Misleading and Deceptive Conduct.

We have excellent results in interviewing witnesses and offenders, and preparing briefs of evidence for law enforcement, legal and clients. In a many instances we work closely with Forensic Accountants and Legal in a multi disciplinary approach, executing Mareeva Injunctions (Assets Freezing) and Anton Pillar Orders (Civil Search Warrants).

We are competent Court witnesses and have been responsible for the successful prosecution of hundreds of offenders, both in the criminal and civil jurisdictions. We are also skilled at carefully undertaking mediation and recovery in cases of fraud, where clients do not want to utilise the court system.


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