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At Complete Corporate Services we recognise that traumatic events such as relationship break ups or the death of a family member can be a very emotional time.

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Complete Corporate Services and assisting with family & estate investigations

Contact CCS today if there is a dispute over several issues regarding an Estate. These could include:

  • The legal authenticity of the Testators last Will
  • The capacity of the Testator
  • The intent of the Testator
  • The status of claimants (defacto – dependants)
  • The capacity of the Testator
  • Family provision claims
  • Rights of Claim upon an Estate

What are family and estate investigations?

Family and estate investigations are types of investigations that focus on issues related to families and estates.

Family investigations can involve a wide range of issues, such as child custody disputes, infidelity, and domestic violence. These types of investigations may be conducted by private investigators or law enforcement agencies, and may involve the use of various methods, such as surveillance and interviews, to gather information.

Estate investigations, on the other hand, are typically conducted in the context of probate proceedings, which are legal proceedings that take place after someone has died. Estate investigations may be conducted to determine the validity of a will, locate missing heirs, or investigate potential fraud or mismanagement of estate assets. These investigations may also be conducted by private investigators or law enforcement agencies, and may involve the review of financial records, interviews with witnesses, and other types of research.

What are some examples of family and estate investigations?

Example of a family investigation:

The private investigator was hired by a client who suspected that their spouse was cheating on them. The client provided the investigator with the name of the suspected individual and some basic information about them, and the investigator began their investigation.

The investigator started by conducting some online research to gather more information about the suspected individual and their activities. They also set up surveillance on the client's spouse, following them to see where they went and who they met with.

Through the investigation, the investigator was able to gather evidence that the client's spouse was indeed cheating on them. They presented this evidence to the client, along with a report detailing their findings.

Example of an estate investigation:

The private investigator was hired by the executor of an estate to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the deceased individual. The executor was concerned that there may have been foul play involved in the death, and wanted to make sure that the will was being properly carried out.

The investigator began by reviewing the circumstances of the death, including any police reports and autopsy results. They also reviewed the deceased individual's financial records and interviewed any potential witnesses.

Through the investigation, the investigator was able to determine that the death was not suspicious and that the will was being properly carried out. They presented their findings to the executor in a report, along with any relevant documentation.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for family & estate investigations

As a specialist area of our practice, we support legal practitioners when litigation involving the above problems, with the objective of discovery and evidence of the truth and evidence in support of clients. Our methodology includes interviewing relevant persons, taking statements, making general enquiries and in some cases undertaking covert operations.

Lawyers working in this area of law often work in a high pressure environment; Combine your legal skills with our investigative strengths and you will now have a significant advantage over your adversary. Let us:

  • Discover information that will induce the other party to settle on your client's terms
  • Test the veracity of the other party's contentions throughout the proceedings; undermining their confidence and credibility at every opportunity
  • Ensure you have a wealth of evidence to support your client's application

Our methods can entice a reluctant witness to co-operate. Our silver service. approach guarantees the deponent's convenience. Promptly finalising the material deters their recanting.

We assist with:

  • The enforcement & execution of orders, service of documents with supporting Affidavits, removal of or collection and or protection of property and your client's security and safety
  • Preparation of evidence of criminal offences, including stalking, violent and threatening conduct and engaging law enforcement
  • Confirmation of the occurrence of separation, reconciliation or other significant events
  • Identifying, locating and/or verifying property interests
  • Substantiating negative contributions, including wasted expenditure
  • Identifying and verifying undisclosed income levels or potential for earning capacity
  • Exposing fraud, shams, misrepresentations or non-disclosure, relevant to the outcome of proceedings
  • Discovering extramarital relationships and linking negative consequences
  • Thorough investigation of new spouses or other relevant persons history, current circumstances or financial interests
  • Evidence of violent or criminal conduct
  • Substantiating inappropriate behaviour by a parent or other caregivers
  • Investigate child at risk issues
  • Locating:
    • a party relevant to proceedings;
    • abducted children;
    • witnesses;
    • missing persons generally
  • Obtain evidence substantiating a breach of orders or undertakings
  • Assisting in the execution of orders, including: (Anton Pillar Orders; Recovery Orders.)
  • Personal or property protection
  • Conducting interviews, drafting statements or affidavits
  • Proof of a defecto relationship
  • Evidence substantiating testator's capacity, volition or intention
  • Surveillance solutions
  • Supervising contact or handovers



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