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Supporting Legal and Corporates for over 2 decades

At Complete Corporate Services, we have a long history of supporting the legal profession and corporate with a wide range of synergistic, multidisciplinary and value driven services

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CCS are an Australian based company specialising in a wide range of business support services

CCS shows an unprecedented level of dedication, accessibility, care, and respect for our clients. The nature of our client's problems is not something that can be handled through a ticketing system, or off shore call centre. Our client's problems require high level, one on one communication, empathy, and resolution.

Our Philosophy

We work hard and smart.

We don't just believe in working smart or hard for our clients, like it's one or the other. We work hard at working smart, ensuring that both man hours and appropriate skills are combined to provide the best and most efficient results possible.

Never Satisfied.

At Complete Corporate Services, we find satisfaction in knowing we're never truly satisfied. Paradoxical as it is, we're always pushing the limits for you to ensure you get the best results possible. We don't just accept half way, half good or good enough, we accept only the best – then we try for even better!

CCS Vision Statement

Selected by the legal industry and corporates as the reliable supplier of investigation and risk management services.

CCS Mission Statement

Selected by all legal industry and corporates as the reliable supplier of investigation and risk management services.

CCS Value Statement

Customers: Central to everything that we do are the needs, protection and objectives of our clients.

Partnerships & Projects: Every matter is a multi-discipline project involving key stakeholders such as clients, service providers and other professionals.

Credibility & Trust: Strategy, integrity, respect, transparency and communication are the key foundations to the performance of our services.

Efficiency: With experience, education, connections and process, we delivery quality, and responsiveness at less costs than our competitors.

Corporate Governance: In all instances, we practice a high standard of ethical business conduct and compliance with the law. We are committed to gender diversity and equal opportunity.

Private Investigations and Surveillance

Experts in private investigations and surveillance operations around the world.

Corporate Risk Assessment and Management

Over 4 decades of experience in assisting corporations with risk management.

Debt Management and Collection

Highly efficient and effective in the collection and management of debt issues.

Why Choose CCS?

Why Choose CCS?

CCS have over 40 years of experience in private investigation, commercial litigation, surveillance operations and other legal matters, which make us the go to private investigations and risk management service providers in Australia and around the world.

  • 4 Decades of Experience

    Our experience is evident in our results

  • Obligation Free

    Our consultation is free of charge

  • Confidential Communication

    All enquiries are kept confidential

  • Worldwide Services

    We are able to provide our services globally


About Scott Sattler, Director of CCS

Scott Sattler is a passionate individual, who is particular about any task he takes on. Initially, his passion, hard work and attention to detail was rewarded with a long term career as a high profile National Rugby League (NRL) player. In 2003, Scott as an integral team member of the NRL Panthers, executed a game saving try handing the NRL Premiership to his team. His side went on to win the premiership. Post a successful football career, Scott has gone on to gain diverse business experience including risk management and internal business investigations….. In 2016, Scott was appointed as Investigator and Risk Manager with CCS. Scott is now Managing Director and responsible for case management, investigation planning, management of staff and developing and fostering contacts on a global scale

Hello and thanks for visiting us!

I'm proud to lead the team at Complete Corporate Services, helping Australians find solutions that can improve their businesses and lives.

Problems are a part of life, but some challenges are more difficult. They can require careful consideration, persistence, expertise, attention to detail and ingenuity to overcome.

These values helped me achieve the ultimate success as a professional athlete. I look forward to working with you to deliver the same results.

Scott Sattler

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Scott Falvey

McInnes Wilson Lawyers

"We have a long standing relationship with Complete Corp and especially Scott Sattler. We use Complete Corp across a range of areas of investigative and litigation support because they understand the importance of focused, timely and cost effective investigation. Complete Corp deliver results and outcomes that are of superior forensic value."

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Bryce Mathews

"As a Liquor Merchant business, CCS have been invaluable to us, with a wide variety of support work, including debt collection and litigation support. They are effective, results driven and cost effective. Furthermore they continue to offer friendly advice and strategy when called, without obligation. I highly recommend them to business as the complete all round support service."

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Chris Hannay

Director, Hannay Lawyers

"The professionals at Complete Corp are our number one choice when Investigative and Litigation support is required. They produce excellent results with dedication to relationships and high level customer service. I highly recommend CCS as a service provider."

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Jason J. Murakami

Adjunct Professor of Law and Partner Behlau Murakami Grant

"I have known and worked with Scott Sattler for more than 30 years. His professionalism is second only to his integrity and Complete Corporate Services exude the same qualities."

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Ian McKinnon

Director, Vincents

"CCS routinely provide litigation support services to Vincents. In my experience CCS provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions in a wide variety of litigation matters. As important I find CCS Investigators while both professional and experienced very easy to work with. I would urge any accountant or lawyer needing an innovative approach to a demanding or difficult business circumstances to give CCS a call."