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Complete Corp Services performs private investigation work for business, individuals, the legal and insurance sector in Bali Indonesia

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About CCS

Who are Complete
Corporate Services?

We are an Indonesian registered company licensed to carry out Investigation & Litigation Support, Business Risk & General Advisory and Debt Collection throughout Indonesia. We are part of an organisation delivering these services globally. Our Indonesian team consists of:

  • Local Australian Ex-pat management
  • Operations Management in Bali
  • Administration Management in Samarang
  • A local team of highly training former law enforcement and military personnel strategically situated throughout Indonesia.

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Darren Bowen



Iswayuni Hady Safitri

General Manager


Elysa Dewi

Administration Support


Yuli Rosiana

General Manager/Operations and Administration Support

Private Investigator Services in Bali

Complete Corp Services carries out a full range of licensed investigation services for both private, corporate, legal and insurance sectors throughout Bali and Indonesia. Our services involve:

cc Locating Persons of interest

cc Evidence gathering

cc Spousal Activity

cc Consumer Fraud

cc Due diligence

cc Insurance investigations

cc Serving documents

cc Debt collection

cc Provision of reliable intelligence

cc Source reliability

cc Surveillance and Covert Operations

Business Whistleblower Service - LAPORAN 24/7

The old adage, "Information is Power" has probably never been more relevant than it is for today's CEO's and Company Directors. With increases in litigation and government regulatory compliance enforcement, along with internal corporate security issues, business cannot afford to leave these issues to middle managers, who, by nature and tradition, will keep these issues away from CEO and directors... until it is too late, and when they have lost control of them.

Would you really like to know what is going on within your business?

Through many years of experience, Complete Corp Services clearly identify that often your own staff:

  • Know what is going on in your business;
  • Are keen to ensure that other staff do the right thing.

It is however important to give staff the freedom of reporting issues, whilst ensuring their protection and employment status. It is also important that staff who do the right thing and report issues have confidence in an independent process.

LAPORAN 24/7 provides this independent service to clients at a low cost, 24 x 7 basis, through its Confidential Reporting System.

We take reports from staff on a no name, confidential basis and they disclose to us a range of concerns about what is occurring within the workplace.

Types of disclosures made, are very wide ranging but could be grouped to include:

  • Theft, cheating trick & Fraud;
  • Worker claims;
  • Safety concerns;
  • Security concerns;
  • Breaches of policy & procedure;
  • Bully & harassment in the workplace;
  • Drug use & distribution;
  • Secret commissions or kickbacks;
  • Theft of intellectual property;
  • Other issues of concern

You quickly receive intelligence which:

  • Substantially reduces loss; and
  • Stops problems before they occur.

Why trust LAPORAN 24/7 with this sensitive task?

LAPORAN 24/7 Staff:

  • Are experienced in intelligence gathering and analysis;
  • Have many years of experience managing and building relationships with information sources, resulting in greater outcomes for its clients;
  • Are independent. Staff can be confident they will not be identified or their disclosure ‘covered up' through internal corruption at management levels;
  • The strategy, provides you, with a greater level of intelligence about your organization;
  • The entire process is extremely easy to implement, without further use of your resources;

Behind this intelligence service, LAPORAN 24/7 staff have many years of experience:

  • Investigating;
    • Worker Compensation matters;
    • Bullying & Harassment;
    • Fraud & Theft;
    • Corruption, Ethical Standards & Misconduct;
    • Drug Distribution;
  • Providing Risk Prevention Services to its clients.

The mere presence of this service and its signage in the workplace has an immediate deterrent effect.

Usually, staff know the real story... What is really going on.

Whistleblower Services

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CCS have some of the most experienced private detectives in Indonesia, with over 40 years of experience in conducting a wide range of private investigations for clients in Bali

CCS is a group of experienced professional private investigators in Bali, with nearly four decades experience providing specialist methodology including high level intelligence, intelligence analysis, inference development, strategy development and management, covert operations including information development and management, pretexts, surveillance, location of persons of interest, general investigation, scene examination, statement and affidavit preparation, scene forensics, financial forensics, asset identification and recovery and due diligence.

CCS has a number of private investigators and resources throughout the Bali area, allowing us to provide reliable and rapid results. Our services are also highly cost effective, meaning you get reliable results at a cost-effective rate. Our investigators are professional, highly trained and have a key eye for detail. They are all trained in giving court room evidence and uphold high standards for confidentiality, legal professional privilege, report writing, record keeping and evidence security. Law enforcement, policing, legal, journalism, sporting and media are some of the areas and backgrounds our investigators have worked in.