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Complete Corporate Services and assisting with locating persons of interest

There are a variety of reasons as to someone may need to locate a person of interest, with some of the most common including:

  • Locating a person who you want to recover a debt from
  • Locating a person who you want to institute legal proceedings against
  • Locating an estranged family member to deal with will and estate matters
  • Locating a person to inform them of certain information
  • You have lost contact with someone and want to regain contact
  • Locating a witness

Investigators at Complete Corporate Services have superior experience in analysis and evaluation of intelligence, access to databases and sources, and are skilled in conducting surveillance, covert operations and interviewing. All of these factors assist with identifying key evidence that assists with locating a person of interest.

We assist clients locate persons who are:

  • Avoiding contact
  • Potential parties to proceedings
  • Potential witnesses to a matter
  • Debtors
  • Subject to a particular enquiry

What is a missing person investigation, or locating a person of interest?

A missing person investigation is an effort to locate a person who has gone missing and is believed to be in need of assistance or in danger. There are several types of missing person investigations, including:

  • Runaways: This refers to minors who have left home without the permission of their parents or guardians
  • Family Abductions: This occurs when a child is taken from their legal custodian by a parent, relative, or other family member
  • Stranger Abductions: This occurs when a child is taken by someone they do not know
  • Lost, Injured, or Otherwise Missing Persons: This includes adults who may be lost, injured, or otherwise unable to return home on their own
  • Older Adults with Dementia or Other Cognitive Impairments: This refers to elderly individuals who may have wandered off or become lost due to cognitive issues

Locating persons of interest refers to the process of trying to find and identify individuals who may have information about a crime or other matter under investigation. This can involve conducting interviews, reviewing surveillance footage, and utilizing other investigative techniques to gather information.

How is a missing person or person of interest investigation carried out by a private investigator?

One example of a missing person investigation carried out by a private investigator might be as follows:

A family hires a private investigator after their teenage daughter runs away from home. The PI begins by collecting as much information as possible about the missing girl, including her name, age, physical description, and any known associates or locations she may have frequented.

The PI then searches public records and databases, such as property records and social media profiles, in an effort to locate the missing girl. They also conduct interviews with the girl's friends, family, and other associates to gather additional information about her whereabouts.

The PI may also use surveillance techniques, such as monitoring social media activity or conducting physical surveillance, to try and locate the missing girl. They may also collaborate with law enforcement agencies and provide any information or leads they have developed to help in the investigation.

Through their efforts, the PI is ultimately able to locate the missing girl and reunite her with her family.

Complete Corporate Services solutions for locating persons of interest investigations

Through many years of investigation we have established;

  • Intelligence systems
  • Networks of contacts
  • Avenues of enquiry
  • Strong interviewing and evidence gathering skills

For some clients, locating a person of interest can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. Complete Corporate Services has a lengthy history of high achievements in this area.

After locating persons of interest, clients often request that we:

  • Serve them with proceedings
  • Undertake interviews and gather intelligence
  • Prepare and take statements

In one case study, CCS was engaged by a law firm specialising in criminal defence to interview witnesses and take statements for an assault matter. During this process the witnesses kept referring to someone who seemed to support the defendant's case. This person had not been included on the witness list as the defendant had difficulty in making contact with them so had not told his lawyers. We were able to locate and interview this person within four (4) hours and they provided a statement that supported the defendant and subsequently led to the Crown dropping their case. This is why we say that locating witnesses is a vital step in any legal proceeding to ensure that you have the full picture of the matter.

Talk to us about the specifics of your situation. Over the years we have undertaken many covert operations with outstanding success and have located many persons of interest. We are familiar with Court process and legal procedures and disputes, and have a history of working with law firms to perform investigations that assist in achieving the client's desired outcome.

Whatever your matter, CCS understands that each matter is unique and provides a tailored service to match the client's needs. We place an emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients and have proven success in delivering desirable outcomes that meet and exceed client objectives and expectations.


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