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Complete Corporate Services assists with virtually all types of debt collection and management services for the private sector in Wollongong

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CCS has a wider range of tools available as a debt collector in Wollongong than any other agency or law firm

At Complete Corporate Services, we are frequently engaged to take over the problem of debtor management and debt collection. We have a variety of industry and problem specific solutions to assist businesses in collecting their outstanding debtors. If you hand this problem over to us, you can rest in the satisfaction that we will be collecting for you, as efficiently and quickly as possible. We specialise in:

  • Analysis and management of debtor books
  • Identification of the most pressing debts
  • Locating hard-to-find debtors
  • Handling all communication with debtors on your behalf through courteous and professional correspondence
  • Developing mutually agreeable repayment plans
  • Process Serving
  • Developing systems to avoid non-payment and promote pre-payment wherever possible
  • Debt Collection including Court process
  • Bankruptcy and Winding up proceedings
  • Asset Liquidation and Recovery

With debt collection agents throughout Wollongong and NSW, we are able to provide an efficient service. We offer debt recovery services suited to companies, businesses and individuals of all industries and sizes.

Experienced & professional debt collection agency in Wollongong

Often your business can have a record sales month, but these figures are not reflected in your cash flow, or bank balance. Why? This is because your clients (Debtors) are either:

  • Slow at paying
  • Are not paying
  • Are not going to pay

Managing Debtors correctly is a difficult task and requires discipline and constant attention. Often businesses are only equipped to provide their own services and do not have the resources or efficient processes to collect their accounts. When this happens, your debtors build and your chances of receiving the money diminish.

Why use CCS for Wollongong debt collection?

  • All consultations are obligation free
  • We have collected thousands of debts in Wollongong over the past 40 years
  • 24-hour 7 day a week access to your debt collection account manager
  • If we don't collect the debt, we don't charge commission
  • Government Licensed and legally trained

The most important aspect of using Complete Corporate Services as your chosen debt collection agency in Wollongong is that we also have over 40 years of experience in private investigation services. If a debtor tries to avoid you, relocate, or generally disappear, CCS are able to tap into our investigation resources to recover outstanding debts. Some of the investigation services we provide which can help recover outstanding debts include (but are not limited to):

  • Surveillance
  • Locate missing persons
  • Covert operations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Cryptocurrency scam investigations
  • And much much more

If you wish to see if CCS are able to assist in your debt collection requirements, contact us today.

What types of businesses does CCS collect Wollongong debts on behalf of?

We recover debts for virtually all types of businesses in Wollongong, examples including but not limited for:

  • A wide range of general business
  • Accountants
  • Law Firms
  • Aged Care Providers
  • Medical Facilities and Providers
  • Trades
  • Suppliers
  • Schools
  • Investors
  • Lenders

It doesn't matter if you have a small, medium or large business, CCS has the experience and knowledge to assist with any kind of debt collection you may need.

The process of collecting your outstanding debts

Need a debt collected in Wollongong? These are the steps that we take to collect any outstanding debts. Please note that this is a general guide, and each individual cases circumstances can vary:

Step 1: Understanding Your Debt Recovery Needs

  • Initial Consultation: We begin with a thorough consultation to understand the specifics of your debt situation. This includes the amount owed, the debtor's details, and any relevant contract or agreement.

Step 2: Reviewing Documentation

  • Document Analysis: We review all relevant documentation such as contracts, invoices, and previous communication records. This helps us assess the legality and enforceability of the debt.

Step 3: Establishing Contact with the Debtor

  • Initial Communication: We initiate contact with the debtor through formal letters, emails, or phone calls. Our approach is professional, aiming to maintain a good relationship between you and the debtor.

Step 4: Negotiation and Payment Arrangement

  • Negotiating Repayment: If the debtor acknowledges the debt, we negotiate payment terms that are agreeable to both parties. We aim for a solution that ensures timely repayment without causing undue hardship.

Step 5: Formal Demand and Legal Action

  • Formal Demand Letter: If initial communications are unsuccessful, we issue a formal demand letter outlining the legal implications of non-payment.
  • Legal Proceedings: As a last resort, we can assist in commencing legal proceedings. This includes preparing and filing court documents and representing your interests in court.

Step 6: Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

  • Regular Updates: We provide you with regular updates on the progress of the debt recovery process.
  • Account Monitoring: For payment plans, we monitor the account to ensure that the debtor adheres to the agreed terms.

Step 7: Compliance and Ethical Standards

  • Legal Compliance: We strictly adhere to Australian debt collection laws and regulations, ensuring a fair and ethical approach.
  • Ethical Practices: We conduct our operations with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, respecting the rights of all parties involved.

Step 8: Final Settlement and Documentation

  • Receipt of Payment: Once the debt is fully paid, we ensure that you receive the funds promptly.
  • Settlement Documentation: We provide you with all relevant documentation for your records, confirming the settlement of the debt.

About CCS

Who are Complete
Corporate Services?

Complete Corporate Services (CCS) is an Australian-based company which specialises in a range of business support services.

CCS is directed and managed by Scott Sattler, who has over a decade of Risk Management, Investigation, and other business related experience. With over three (3) decades of other experience, our management team has more years of experience than any other known competitor.


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Scott Falvey

McInnes Wilson Lawyers

"We have a long standing relationship with Complete Corp and especially Scott Sattler. We use Complete Corp across a range of areas of investigative and litigation support because they understand the importance of focused, timely and cost effective investigation. Complete Corp deliver results and outcomes that are of superior forensic value."

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Bryce Mathews

"As a Liquor Merchant business, CCS have been invaluable to us, with a wide variety of support work, including debt collection and litigation support. They are effective, results driven and cost effective. Furthermore they continue to offer friendly advice and strategy when called, without obligation. I highly recommend them to business as the complete all round support service."

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Chris Hannay

Director, Hannay Lawyers

"The professionals at Complete Corp are our number one choice when Investigative and Litigation support is required. They produce excellent results with dedication to relationships and high level customer service. I highly recommend CCS as a service provider."

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Jason J. Murakami

Adjunct Professor of Law and Partner Behlau Murakami Grant

"I have known and worked with Scott Sattler for more than 30 years. His professionalism is second only to his integrity and Complete Corporate Services exude the same qualities."

star1 star2 star3 star4 star5

Ian McKinnon

Director, Vincents

"CCS routinely provide litigation support services to Vincents. In my experience CCS provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions in a wide variety of litigation matters. As important I find CCS Investigators while both professional and experienced very easy to work with. I would urge any accountant or lawyer needing an innovative approach to a demanding or difficult business circumstances to give CCS a call."

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